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Cruise Ships, Barcelona harbour, Spain 31/8/2014

DEIMOS-2 celebrates its first anniversary

DEIMOS-2, the VHR satellite owned and operated by Elecnor Deimos, launched in June 2014 celebrates its first anniversary.

DEIMOS-2, the first Spanish Very High Resolution Earth Observation satellite and the first 100%-privately funded European satellite, celebrates the first anniversary of its 2014 launch on Friday, 19 June. During this year the satellite owned by Elecnor and operated by its technological arm Elecnor Deimos, has travelled around the Earth approximately 5300 times and has recorded a total of 18000 images over 3,2 million sq. km. equivalent to 6 times the total surface area of the Spain.

DEIMOS-2 is the first Spanish very-high resolution Earth Observation satellite, producing multispectral images with a resolution of 75 cm per pixel. It is the highest-resolution fully private satellite in Europe, and one of the very few privately-owned submetric satellites in the world.

DEIMOS-2’s advanced capabilities have resulted in its participation in a number of major international projects and services such as becoming Copernicus contributing mission and starting a fully coverage of Europe. The satellite has also captured images of recent events such as the Ebro river flooding near Zaragoza in Spain, the eruption of the volcano Calbuco in Chile and the Oleg Naydenov ship oil spill in the Atlantic Ocean.