Elecnor Deimos is the technology company of Elecnor Group which operates in the Aerospace, Automation and Remote Control, Information Systems, Telecommunication Network, Security and Technological Infrastructure Development. With more than 500 employees, Elecnor Deimos provides technological solutions for the following markets Aeronautics, Aerospace, Defence, Transport, Energy and Environment, Telecommunications and Security.

DEIMOS-2 Fully Operational

DEIMOS-2, the new very-high resolution satellite of Elecnor Deimos, was successfully launched on June 19 from the Russian base of Yasni.

DEIMOS-2 is now fully operational in its nominal orbit, under the control of our operators, and it has already started its in-orbit commissioning.

DEIMOS-2, with a mass of 300 kg, is the first Spanish very-high resolution, Earth Observation satellite, producing multispectral images with a resolution of 75 cm per pixel.

It is the highest-resolution fully private satellite in Europe, and one of the very few privately-owned submetric satellites in the world.